Types Of Laser Treatment For Acne Scars

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Are you suffering from acne scars? How about laser treatment? Here types of laser treatment for acne scars you can choose. Here the complete information!

Cured of acne doe not mean the threat in scar form also will be gone. In fact, your skin face will still remember the pimpled and leave a scar that usually looked like red and raised, flat, even depressed. If your acne scar just red and not causing any flat surface maybe you can cover it with makeup. But if it became rough perhaps it is time you to worry. But do not worry too much, nowadays there are types of laser treatment for acne scars that known as acne scar treatment to eliminate acne scars from the face.

Laser treatments are known as efficient on many skin problems. One of them is acne scar elimination due to the acne breakouts impact. A skin analyst or therapist will evaluate the acne scars to determine the right treatment that required. Since there are different types of laser treatment for acne scars, you might be confusing to choose one of them. Here information about to best type of laser treatment for acne scars to help you select the right one.

Here different types of laser treatments for acne scars you should know :

1. Carbon Dioxide Lasers:
• It radiates short blast of really high-energy laser that evaporates layer by layer of the scarred tissue
• The recovery process of carbon dioxide treatment show ranges from 3 – 10 days according to the treatment intensity.

2.  Fraxel Laser
• Fraxel Laser is a non-ablative treatment that does not evaporate any tissue
• Fraxel Laser heats the tissue columns with laser power.
• Energy is the heat-based energy that induces production of new collagen in the skin.

3. Fractional Laser
• Fractional Laser is the best acne scars laser treatment
• In partial laser treatment, not all skin area will be treated but the only specific area. The rest area does not do therapy.
• It induces quicker curing the skin tissues also collagen production.

4. Deep Fx and Active Fx
• Deep Fx addresses the thicker skin.
• Active Fx laser sends the exterior surface.

5. Pixilation
• Pixilation is the newest technological progress in skin treatment.
• Tiny pin-sized laser drops are applied on the scared regions, avoiding the rest of skin surface intact and untouched.
• The depth and intensity of penetration could be easily driven, and the boost could be piled for deeper affected areas.

Compare types of laser treatment for acne scars & acne? Since you already know about types of laser treatment for acne scars. You might be still confused to choose the right one for your face. Always consult your doctor to know what is your acne scar type and your face skin type. Different acne scar type and your face skin type have different treatment.

Acne referred to skin concern that appears due to the oil overproduction by the oil glands of the skin. Beside skin sebum is used to smear the surface, skin sebum sometimes gets concerned about blocked oil tubes, becomes pimples. The harm that happens in also around the unit of pilosebaceous, while the acne process occurring causes acne scare. Since acne scare is one of the most scared effects of inflammatory wound also has a profound impact on anyone’s professional, social lives and psychological hopefully this article would help you to compare types of laser treatment for acne scars & acne.

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