5 Days Skin Repair | Close Large OPEN PORES, Remove Dark Spots, Anti Aging

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Now it’s one piece gently apply it on to your face who make the smallest take 1/2 banana cut it into cubes and smash it to a smooth find based now take one teaspoon of milk and duties banana paste mix them together until smooth paste is formed gently apply it on to your face and neck with help of a brush leave it for about 15 minutes then wash off with cool water do this daily for fresh radiant and younger-looking skin nonna’s contain super wrinkles fighting nutrient that helps fade age spots and prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming you will immediately feel the difference as your face will still soft and well hydrate you will get soft and supple skin instantly. Take a glass of water and add about half a cup of rice to it let the rice soak for 30 swirls it around until the water turns cloudy stream the water and fill it spray bottle with it using a narrow mouth container or using a funnel and your rice water.5 Days Skin Repair | Close Large OPEN PORES, Remove Dark Spots, Anti Aging

I need to use this rice water to cleanse you spray some water on your face then rub a cotton ball or pad for a couple of minutes let your face and dry with regular use you will notice your skin feeling soft tight and glowy use everyday as part of your skin care routine then add grated potato in a mixer jar add pomegranate seeds and one tablespoon of water blend the mixture into juice and add lemon juice who are the mixture in an ice cube tray and freeze it takes a potato once Frozen remove an ice cube tray from the freezer and they are ready to use massage two or three ice cubes on your face in a circular motion they was not only remove dark spots but also helps to minimize large open pause improves blood circulation on face giving at radiant Natural Glow take a fresh cucumber and cut it in from one of the lemon halves and add it to the cucumber juice then squeeze out the juice from one of the lemon halves and add it to the cucumber juice along with two to three days rosewater mix them together and transfer it in a spray bottle using a narrow mouth container or a funnel so that the juice phones below over while transferring to a bottle and the tuna is ready to use keep it in the refrigerator you can use this as many times as you want to spray this on your face and let it dry naturally you can use this on your face neck back and even on your hands and legs but you have to be careful while spraying it on your face so that it does not go into your eyes as it contains lemon juice which can cause rinse your face with water after 10 minutes of using cucumber toner then apply a good moisturizer and leave it overnight do all the steps for 5 days is the difference

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